See what one of my clients has to say about me here.

“Paige is an amazing individual, and a dream to work with! While the stereotypical editor is a know-it-all-stuffy-un-personal-bore, Paige is fun, friendly and amazingly creative. She has helped me on many occasions for projects ranging in size from quick web text edits to proofing and editing my book! Truly a gem for any business making sure their outer profile is as professional as possible but also as a wonderful individual with a huge heart. You can always trust she has your best interests in mind (and won’t make fun of your habitual misuse of the “-” mark). I ALWAYS tell anyone looking for writing services to contact Paige!”
                          Julianne DiBlasi Black, BlackFire Studios

“Paige is a tremendous asset to me … very creative, patient, smart, fun, a problem solver, shows initiative and is a good team player. I would highly recommend her.”

Nomi Wagner, Portrait Artist  www.NomiWagner.com

“Paige, thanks for being quick as lightening on my projects.  I also love that you give me grammar tips!  You are  so, so, so appreciated!”

Jeanna Gabellini, Extreme Abundance Coach     www.MasterPeaceCoaching.com

“What a relief having Paige available to handle my writing needs! I can give her my thoughts, ideas or information and she turns around copy that dances on the page. Not only that, she provides such quick turnaround time. I love it!”

Eva Gregory, master coach, speaker and author www.leadingedgecoaching.com/