Meet Paige

Through my 23 years of experience as a classroom teacher, administrative assistant,  group leader, and creative writer, I have attained and utilized the skills needed to be an excellent virtual assistant to your writing and communication needs

Do you want your video or audio content to be transcribed into written word?

I have transcribed for coaches and other thought leaders, transforming their spoken word into multiple blog-sized articles.

Do you need help making your content mechanically correct?

I’m a stickler for detail.

Do you need to make your content readable online?

I can transform those long, cumbersome paragraphs into a web-reader friendly format.

Do you need help marketing your articles so that more customers are exposed to your product or service?

Posting your blogs on Facebook and marketing your expertise through Constant Contact is the way to go.  That takes hours that you don’t have.  Let me do it for you!

Are you looking for personal service with professional results?  Look no further – I’m here.