First Impressions

How important are the mechanics of writing – spelling, grammar and punctuation – to your website and articles?  Well, think of it this way.  You never know who’s looking at your business online, but you definitely know that potential clients or customers are surfing the web for a product like yours.  People who want the best of the best are finding you, and your online presence, including writing, is part of who you are as a seller.

Just as it is important to give a great physical first impression, that online first impression is vital to even meeting a client in person.

Be careful if you’re using a blog to get your business noticed.  I know blogging is intended to be a casual venue- one where it doesn’t matter how many typos and misspellings there are.  But again, you never know who might be reading.  You want to make a good first impression- one that says you know what you’re doing. You want to infuse sufficient confidence so that readers further investigate what you have to offer.  Remember, you want to lead them to your website if they’re not already there.  Then, you want to keep them there.  Poor writing mechanics can be a big turn-off to someone browsing your product.  Make sure your online presence is error-free.

The first thing every single business should do is this:  use a spellchecker. You may think you’re a great speller and don’t need a spellchecker; use one anyway.   After a while, your brain tricks you into no longer seeing your mistakes; so you need tools, a second pair of eyes to overcome that tendency.  Yet, even spellchecker can overlook the usage of a word, or worse yet, leave it up to you to decide how a word is used in order to choose the correct spelling.  That’s where I enter the picture!

Not only will I catch your spelling errors, I will pick out that tricky grammar usage and punctuation that needs to be revised.  Even though there are plenty of online resources that can do this for you, they are missing the human perspective of your writing.  They are lacking a personal touch that you need in order to reach people.

Plus, using these online tools takes up your own precious time.  I know you don’t have that time.  Let me do it for you.