Hit by Inspiration

One of the joys of my job is seeing that little light come on in the eyes of my client after I’ve coached him/her on how to blog.  It seems like such a daunting task when you really don’t understand just what blogging is.  But after I’ve explained that it can consist of anything you want it to be, and after I’ve given him a few ideas to inspire him, he breathes a bit more easily, and then his wheels start turning.  That moment brings me back to my teaching days when all the hard work I’d put into that struggling student pays off.  How rewarding!

Yet, inside my head, there’s that little voice that nags, “So, then – follow your own advice!  You’re behind in your blog!” 

Unfortunately, I’m one of those writers that either has to slowly warm up to a writing spree – like waiting for ice to melt – or suddenly be bopped on the head with an inspiration.  So, when I feel that thump on the back of my skull, I have to take action.  If I don’t immediately turn around and grab the perp, the inspiration gets away and I’m left standing there with my list of Virtual Paige Things to Do.  Blog?  What blog?  So, here I sit, wrestling with what my attacker has to say – trying not to let him slip away.

Stay tuned to read the result of my latest assault from inspiration…


4 thoughts on “Hit by Inspiration

  1. I have the same challenge! Right now I’m in “inspired” mode and trying to hold on for dear life! It’s amazing how intention and inspiration are cousins that don’t really get along.

  2. Hi Paige I was verbally referred to you by someone 3 weeks ago but I don’t remember who. I stumbled across you on LinkedIn and I look forward to reading more blogs. I also feel this way. As a creative entrepreneur I find my best content comes from inspiration but also being a coach/strategist I hear my inner voice screaming at me to swallow the pill, take action and get into routine with my posting. I know my site, business and clients benefit greatly when I do. Recently Saturdays have been my best writing days because I can get quiet and inspired. Free from the weekday distractions.

    • Whatever works for each of us. Weekends are not my best time to write – too MANY distractions! I would love to have a few days totally to myself, away from responsibilities, to do nothing but write for myself.
      You can email me at virtualpaige@hotmail.com if I can do anything for you!

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