Making the World Spin: Embracing YOU

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go ’round. 

This is the thought that ran through my mind as I sat in a Ladies’ Luncheon networking meeting last month.  There were women of all varieties of personalities attending this event:  quiet and reserved, loud and confident, friendly and genuine. The world would be a completely different place if we were all made of the same cloth.  Can you imagine billions of social butterflies fluttering for the lime light?  Who would be the audience?  While we as social beings gravitate toward the loud and confident, we secretly admire the quiet and reserved for their self control and poise.  Again, it takes all kinds.

God knew what He was doing when He designed each of us uniquely – like no other.

I have a friend whose passion is to let people see just how unique they are while discovering those individual qualities and learning how to utilize them to their own success.  Her name is Mariaemma  Willis of the Learning Success Institute here in Ventura, CA.  Visit her website to learn what she and Victoria Hodson do for so many children and adults.

Visit Learning Success

Don’t think this is just for kids.  They work with many adults who are searching for a way to make their own personal makeup work for themselves.

Have you taken that journey to discover who you are and how you tick?  What’s your part in making the world go ’round?


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