How to Lift Yourself

About You Becomes About Me

Lately, in my various networking events, I’ve been using an elevator speech that highlights one of my favorite parts of my job:  writing bios.  The more I talk about this, the more I realize how true it is.

I do!  I love to write about other people in a glowing light.  It started out just being part of the job – meeting a need.  I found that, when my clients are faced with the task of writing their “About” page, they freeze for one of two reasons:

  1. Writing positive things about themselves can be rather difficult.  It’s easier to check off all the things they wish to improve in themselves than it is to broadcast to the world how awesome they are.
  2. Some of them have no problem talking about themselves, which creates the opposite problem:  TMI.  How do they weed out all the extra details that really don’t pertain to their website?  How do they narrow their life story down to a neat little package?

My response has been:  “I can do that!”  I love to sit down with a client, get to know all about him, and summarize those wonderful aspects of his life into one or two short paragraphs that leave his website visitors feeling positive and confident in who he is and what he does.

As I stepped in and began to meet this need more and more, my energy level changed because I was sending out a positive energy aimed at my client.

When I was a teacher, if there was only one thing I could engrave onto my students’ hearts, I wanted it to be this:  encourage and build each other up.  Instead of giving attention to the tearing-down behavior, I rewarded them for the uplifting behavior.  I wanted to train them to see the great things in other people, to praise their friends when they did something kind or cool, to cheer up someone they didn’t know very well.  I wanted them to see that, by building others up, they were lifting themselves up.  It’s a Biblical principle, and it is the Law of Attraction.  The energy you put out is the energy that comes back to you.

So, energize me!  Let me write your “About” page or “Author Bio”.  I’ll help you see yourself in the incredible light that others see you!

Julianne DiBlasi Black’s bio

Laurie Ehrhardt’s bio

Jack Seal’s bio

Ferne Ross’ bio


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