Pen and Paper: My Therapist

Writing can be the best medicine.

  • It forces your mind and emotions to slow down and click into reflection mode.  Even if your emotional energy is high and rampant, putting that pen in your hand (or keyboard under your fingertips) gives you no choice but to take a deep breath and put your thoughts down in writing.
  • Sometimes, you don’t actually know your thoughts or ideas until you give them a portal from your heart.  Once the words get one foot out the door, the rest of the issue can’t help but to follow.
  • As you write, you listen more intently to your own voice and catch glimpses of the underlying problem.
  • More than vocalizing, writing assigns ownership to your own words.
Therapeutic writing doesn’t always have to be serious journal-style pouring your heart out.  It can also take the form of fiction.  I put myself through quite a bit of writing therapy a few years back – in the form of children’s literature.
Visit My Imagination for a glimpse into my world that, at the time, was turning upside down.  I didn’t know it then, but releasing my energy into those silly poems and character-filled stories is what helped me through.
So, not only is writing good for your business, it’s good for your soul.

21 thoughts on “Pen and Paper: My Therapist

  1. I so agree with your comments. I have used writing as a therapy for years, and also recommend it to my clients. Writing can be a lot of fun, insightful, as well as a place to create. Thank you for the reminder of what a great tool it is.

  2. I NEED to this more often. My mind is always racing with things to get done and ideas of how to benefit my customers but I can’t retain everything that goes on in my head. I think this is a great thing to start doing just before I go to bed, so that I can turn my thoughts off. Thanks for showing the benefits to writing thoughts, etc. down.

  3. This sooo resonates with me!
    I have done some serious healing through writing
    Every point you made is right-on and I can say that’s true from experience

    I would submit that the heart and mind associates better with pen and paper than it does with typing – there’s something about writing on paper that enables a deeper thought process

    Thanks for the thoughts:)

  4. Ahh…I love to write. It helps sorts out all kinds of emotions for me. I have written to journal my journey thru a major loss—my keyboard was on fire! Of course, I suffered a double loss when my hard drive crashed and I lost a years worth of writings–but the therapy wasn’t lost. And it is, indeed, a great way to share a piece of who you are.
    Great to read these ideas — a window into you!

  5. Thank you! I’ve always thought of the impact of writing on the brain. In fact, when I took Stephen Covey’s training on creating a mission statement for one’s self, he emphasized using paper and pen because of the emotional connection associated with it.

    • I’ve actually noticed that my son, who has Asperger’s, processes his frustration much better when he texts his “messages” to us to express himself and to respond to us. It’s so hard for him to vocally do it.

  6. I actually wrote an entire book about my second daughter’s adoption, but never had it published. It was very cathartic, but I just couldn’t get it beyond my PC. I write almost every day and feel very free when I do. Sometimes it’s for my blogs, sometimes for my clients and sometimes just for myself to document my feelings an vent. It helps tremendously with stress relief and often brings lots of clarity if I am “stuck” in something.

  7. Yes! I need to write more. Putting my voice on paper is a good exercise for me. Rambling can be so boring and somehow putting it down on paper allows me to see the important parts and drop the others. Blogging is a new experience for me and I will take responsibility for my words and hope my readers are generous with my efforts. Thank you for your insights!

  8. You are so right! Writing is a great exercise in so many ways. My son had an elementary teacher that had them “journal” for 15 minutes each day. There were no rules, it was a private journal, no grades. It became good practice for quiet time expression. Even though my son is finishing up law school and has a tremendous workload, to this day, he still writes just for his own peace of mind.

  9. Writing is so therapeutic. I can remember when I was a teenager and I would write in my diary about my teen troubles, which I look back now cracks me up, but it helped me sort through my feelings by writing them down. Today I still find writing puts me at ease. It helps me clear my mind, brainstorm new ideas, share my thoughts with others and so much more. I don’t know what my life would be like without writing. It’s a big part of morning. Thanks for shining some gratitude on the ability to write.

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