A Corporation’s Call to Use Social Media Marketing

I’m multi-tasking today, so no inspiring words coming straight from myself. However, I wanted to share with you an excerpt from a client’s corporation newsletter.  It’s a perfect example of the growing recognition that content/social media marketing works.

The Importance of Social Media in 2012

We can’t emphasize enough how important social media is in the lives of consumers today. Whenever someone wants to research something, they say, “I’ll Google it.” Did you know that Facebook posts place very high on a Google search? How’s that? Well, when you post something on Facebook, it gets recorded, and then when someone likes it, it gets recorded, and when someone comments on it, it gets recorded again, creating a higher Google rating with each interface with that post. Whether or not you agree with the concept of Facebook and its general social purpose, it’s not something you can overlook. Facebook doesn’t just fulfill social needs these days; it’s also a place where businesses can humanize themselves and become more interactive with their customers and entice potential customers.
Think about it − updating your current website can become a bit tedious at times, and it only gets done when you or your web master has the time to do it. However, a Facebook site can be updated the minute the action happens, whether a post or a picture. Your customers can also post pictures or testimonials on your site at any time, and when they do, the notification goes out to all of their friends to go visit your site and see what was posted.
A strong presence on Facebook will also enable you to stay connected with your current client list. Right after a sale, you can tag a customer in posts and pictures regarding their new (purchase); then, a few months down the road, when the hype of the new (purchase) wears off, tag them again in a post. You might post something as simple as “Jane Doe’s name was just drawn out of a hat to receive a free gift. Congratulations, Jane!” If Jane is tagged, that post will be read by all of her friends on her list, as well as everyone on yours. You never know − that $5 gift that you send her may result in a sale to one of her friends who might have been considering buying (your kind of product).
Remember: people buy from other people. Can you think of an easier, more inexpensive way to get your word out? I can’t.

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