Content Versus Video

Yikes! Online videos are everywhere! Is this threatening my writing services? Will video replace content?

This is what I have heard the little voice inside my head ask me lately. Well, little voice, here’s my answer:

While video is an incredible tool to use, it cannot stand alone. Suppose you’re a mechanic and want to post a video on how to change the oil in your car. How do customers find that video on changing the oil in your car? There has to be content attached to that video – a description of it or even a transcript. Without it, search engines cannot recognize it and potential customers will have a hard time discovering it.

To ease my own mind, I must say that I cannot see video replacing content – unless our society becomes completely illiterate. However, the two complement each other quite nicely.

Just a few ways that video can enhance your content creation and vice versa:

  1. SEO:  people look for videos, but the right one can’t be found without content. Content is more likely to be read if there’s a video attached to it.
  2. Do you remember giving a report in school? What gave you bonus points? Visual aide. Yet, without the report, the visual aide meant nothing.
  3. Video transcriptions are instant blog posts. Archived blog posts are inspirations for new videos.
  4. It’s always handy for viewers to have “notes” on that how-to video already there for them to print and take with them as they tackle the task of changing their oil on their own.
  5. Organize your video collection into categories. Each of these categories can be compiled into a separate YouTube page:  an “E-book” in video. Now, a step further – transcribe the videos in this E-book into a real E-book that can be downloaded and printed.

As I answer that little voice inside my head, I’m actually excited about the endless possibilities that video brings to my writing services! My clients’ online presences just got better! Can you think of other ways that video and content go hand-in-hand?


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