Let Your Business be Known in 2012

Don’t become an “old acquaintance” and “be forgot” in 2012. 

The worst thing that could happen for your business is if you’re “never brought to mind”.

You’ve heard it time and again – now listen.

Content is King.

  • Your business must regularly offer the community something to keep it interested in your brand.  Blogging, Facebook-ing, writing articles – anything that establishes you as an expert in your field – will create a subconscious image in people’s minds of the one to turn to when they need the services or products you offer.
  • Even posting on LinkedIn will keep your acquaintance from being forgotten by other businesses that can bring you an abundance of referrals. 
  • Sending newsletters to your customers or leads is a great way to keep them updated on the amazing things you can offer – smart advice, unique products, special offers, etc.
  • Best of all, by keeping your website fresh and your articles meeting a need, you will be Google’s friend. 

It doesn’t come naturally; it takes a commitment – a resolution.  I’m here to help you keep it.


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