Finding Reality in Talking Cats

We should all take a cue from our children sometimes – well, no, all the time. My son has great difficulty writing fictional stories because he has trouble creating something that cannot actually happen.  Although he is very creative with reality, fantasy land is not his destination of choice.  So, how has he written this amazing children’s story for school?  He needed a visual inspiration that related to his own reality.

While looking through a surplus of illustrations to help him build a story, he found a funny-looking fat cat that made him smile.  From this cat, he was able to choose several other pictures of the cat with other expressions or with other animals.  It looked to him like the cat was looking for a friend from the other animals, which is something that speaks to his heart.  Taking his own reality and infusing it into the make-believe world of the cat, he was able to create a sweet, touching story that any kindergartener would want to read over and over.  He’s reading his story to a class of kindergarteners today; I wish I could be a fly on the wall.

Do you ever find yourself searching for a topic to write about?  Look around you:  your sleeping dog, your gossiping co-workers, the crazy homeless guy with the giant stuffed fish.  Look through a magazine:  the seductive models advertising clothes to your teenage daughter; the crisp, blue ocean surrounding the clean, white Greek island town; the sinful-looking recipe for double-fudge cake.  How do these images make you feel?  What do they make you want to say out loud?  What memories do they conjure up?  Put your own reality into these images, and see what you’ve created.  I just did that with this blog post!


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