Why blog?

A good way to keep your name in front of consumers is through blogging or writing articles about things that people find entertaining, interesting, or pertaining to themselves. Take the blatant sales terminology out of your Social Media, and replace it with regular offerings of advice, education, or personal experience that will bring you a following.   Pay attention to community events or current affairs that are relevant to your business, and let your growing fans know.  The more you write (or video), the stronger your online presence becomes, and the more you establish yourself as the expert in your field.

If blogging is so important, why do so many of us never do it?

We may start a blog, but then we hardly ever post, leaving our poor blog page alone to die.  Why?  We just don’t have time to put forth the energy.

The solution may be to hire someone to do it for you.  As Virtual Paige, I can be the one to bring your blog into the world – or to bring it back to life.

So, how do you blog for someone else? 

I get that question a lot.  Here’s my answer:

  1. If you want your blog to be in first person, from your voice, I DON’T write it for you.  It has to come from you, of course.  However, I will polish it up with better sentence structure, correct sentence mechanics, and suggestions to enhance the content.
  2. If you want your blog to be more informative or educational, in third person voice, I can do the research and supply you with articles that pertain to your customers’ interests or your business’ subject matter.  On the other hand,  if you have a passion for sharing your own knowledge and expertise but just don’t have the time, you can give me the bones of what you want to say, and I will put the flesh on it and bring it to life.

Then I take it a step further and publish your blog posts through your favorite social media sites.  Marketing through social media has become the marketing method of choice for small businesses.  If you’ve been thinking about joining this growing trend and becoming visible to more customers than you thought possible, let me help you along the way.


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