You know you’re spending too much time online when your thoughts start sounding like Facebook updates or Twitter tweets.





Paige Burns Miller is making baked potato soup tonight.

Paige Burns Miller Why does my 13-yr. old have to slam every door?

Paige Burns Miller Does anyone know how to clean grills?

Paige Burns Miller must stop eating Halloween candy!

Is that a bad thing?  My first thought is, “So sad.  My world is consumed with the internet.”  But, you know?  If you’re a small business trying to get your name out there, Social Media is a good avenue to try; and you have to get into the habit of regularly posting.  That doesn’t mean you have to post every thought you have (please don’t), but it’s good practice to see how your thoughts would sound on Facebook or Twitter.  The more you turn your everyday thoughts into mock tweets, the more likely you will be to remember to make your presence known in Social Media with more carefully planned comments.  The more you make your presence known, the more likely your friends or followers will think of you first when they need the kind of services or products you provide.

So, either I’m justifying a serious problem I have, or I’m on to something here…

I think I’ll post it!


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