Show Me the Color!

Abby likes to post her designs on Facebook.

"Like" this.

My daughter is a talented, budding fashion designer with the free spirit of an artist saturating her body to the core. While, at 13, she sometimes contemplates the need to fit in, she still happily marches to her own beat because she has so much creativity inside her looking for ways to flourish.

Yesterday, she was in need of a new sketch book for her designs, so, when I found a beautiful, black, leatherbound journal, I snagged it for her. While I was thinking it would make her designs more special being in a journal so distinguished-looking, she was disappointed. She explained to me that she wants a bright, cheerful, notebook with lots of color on the cover. Why? Because it inspires creativity and excitement in her designs. The black leather, to her, was too dull and depressing. (Thank goodness, she’s not into that yet!)

Well, here’s to all the bright, colorful things that surround us! How else would inspiration be bred to enlighten the world with uplifting art, words, and, yes, fashion?


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