Commercial Break!

My daughter once told my husband that everywhere she looked there was a commercial. It was impossible to get away from commercials. Craig, in his daddy way, said, “Sure, you can! Just go to the beach – no TV, no internet, no magazines…”

Wouldn’t you know it? An hour later, as we are relaxing in our beach chairs, watching the surfers and reading our books, we look up, and what do you think we saw? You got it. A commercial, being dragged across the sky by a plane, advertising a local restaurant.

It can be rather tiring to be bombarded with advertisements everytime you turn your head. That mentality can make some entrepreneurs leary of putting their own name out there too aggressively.

However, a good way to keep your name in front of consumers is through blogging or writing articles about things that people find entertaining, interesting, or pertaining to themselves. Take the blatant sales terminology out of your Social Media, and replace it with regular offerings of advice, education, or personal experience that will bring you a following.   Pay attention to community events or current affairs that are relevant to your business, and let your growing fans know.  The more you write (or video), the stronger your online presence becomes, and the more you establish yourself as the expert in your field.

What better commercial is there than that?


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