My Muse, the Dust Bunny

I realized today, as I vacuumed the latest crop of pet hair from my carpet, why dust bunnies are called bunnies.  They are never-ending multipliers.  What’s that?  Oh – another dust bunny!

If only blog posts could be like dust bunnies – only without the disgust every time you see one.  Social Media would be a breeze to keep up with if content ideas would be as abundant as these little critters.

Well, actually, they can be ever-present.  Just look around you right this very moment. What do you see that evokes a comment – the kind of comment you would quickly post on Facebook?  Take that snarky remark and expand upon it.  What made your thoughts go in that direction?  How can it relate to your business?  How can it relate to the interests of your potential customers/clients?

People are attracted to others sharing tidbits about their personal lives.  That’s why Facebook is so popular.  It’s like driving by a wreck on the freeway; you can’t help but to slow down and look.  What would make people slow down and look at you?  Put your own personality into it:  humor, cynicism, optimism, anger, procrastination, passion, etc.

Back to being inspired by dust bunnies.  Three years ago, these little tumbleweeds gave me a children’s story, “The Dog Hair Monster Did It!” .  So if something as mundane as dust can be my muse for a whole story, it can certainly inspire you to blog.  You can do it!


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