Write It Down

Are you the kind of person that loves to talk but hates to write?  As I’m sitting here trying to think of something to write about, I remember my husband.  When I watch him peck away at his keyboard, it seems he’s never at a loss for words to write.  I think it’s because he never stops talking inside his head!  Now, I was going to write about getting your articles from past speaking engagements you’ve given (if you have them on audio, I can transcribe them for you!); but, if you’re like my husband, you have an endless resource right on top of your shoulders.

As you wrestle with topics, mull over a book you’ve just read, remember that awesome scene in a movie you saw last night, write it down!  That’s part of the art of being a good writer.  Write down any idea that pops into your head!  Keep a small note pad and pen near you at all times because you never know when inspiration might strike.

  • Your 9-year old son says something incredibly profound without knowing it.- Write it down!
  • You spend an evening watching the sun set at the beach while dozens of dolphins frolic a hundred yards away.- Write it down!
  • You notice a couple walking hand-in-hand that couldn’t be more different from each other.  One is punked out head to toe in black and has a tattoo on every part of her body while the other is bright, clean cut, and straight laced.- Write it down!
  • You have the best meal of your life.- Write it down!
  • You have the worst meal of your life.- Write it down!
  • The kite-boarding fanatics in the air a mile away remind you of a swarm of gnats floating in the heat of the day.- Write it down!

Get the idea?  When you go back later on and thumb through the pages of random thoughts, chances are at least one tiny tidbit will spark a whole story or essay.  Use that illustration as a springboard for pages of incredible writing, or even just a few short lines of insightful prose.

Then, when you’ve written a rough draft,  I can help you edit it.  I’ll turn those short, choppy sentences into descriptive, flowing expressions of what you want to say.  I’ll help you connect one idea to another, making the final product a cohesive body of work that reaches out to your readers, impacting them with the passion of your business.

You ARE a writer.  You have important things to contribute.  DO it; and I’ll help. 


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