If You’re Always Learning, You’re Always Writing

After you’ve written on all the things at which you are an expert, it can be a challenge to keep writing; but you need to keep writing to keep your business in front of your customers. Come up with something fresh and new by writing about what you don’t know very much.

Remember those college term papers for which you had to do a lot of research? I always found those to be very boring and hard to make my own; but that was because I wasn’t studying the topic. I wasn’t learning it and making it a part of me.

It is easier to write on a little known subject if you read, listen to, or watch as much as you can find on that topic.  Engross yourself in this new world.  Then find even more information on it, and keep absorbing. Then write your thoughts on what you retained, what you soaked up, and how it affected you. (Of course, it’s easier to absorb information on something you’re interested in learning.)

How would “discovering this new world” benefit you and your business? What kind of spin can you put on it to drive it back to your expertise? Or would this new topic be just an amusing anecdote to grab your customers’ attention?  These are things to think about as you’re saturating yourself with the new knowledge.

Again, I always bring my articles around to the role I can play. I’m sure being a busy entrepreneur, you don’t have the time it takes to do all this research. Well, I do. It’s my job! If you want to keep spitting out those engaging articles, or if you want your newsletters to remain fresh and interesting, contact me, and I’ll get you on the road to keeping your customers hooked!


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