I was involved in a group discussion last night; the topic was help. Most of us agreed that it’s hard to ask for help.  But why?  Are we too proud to admit that we can’t do it alone?  Would we rather everyone see that WE did it all?  Or do we just need to have control of our situation at all times?

I’m sure I’ve been guilty of all these reasons at one time or another- especially with my own family.  However, I personally find it hard to ask people outside my family for help because I’m afraid of them saying no.  The rejection factor is HUGE.  But, hey, if they do say no, it’s really not my problem; it’s theirs for not wanting to help.

That being said, I have to remember that most people would not say no.  Most people do want to help somehow.  People like to be needed.  It’s human nature to want to belong, and helping someone is a way of being accepted into their realm.

I think that’s why I like doing what I do.  My job is to help you make your article writing better or to help you keep up with your client communication.  It’s my gift, and I want to share it with you.


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