Boob Job

I got a boob job!

I can’t believe I said that, but it’s true… sort of.  I walked into this intimate apparel shop, and the shop owner immediately knew my bra size.  Before I knew it, I was trying on bras left and right- all the perfect size.  She knew exactly what would fit me and enhance my shape.  I never knew until now that I had been wearing a bra two letters too small!  It’s amazing how putting on a properly fitting undergarment transformed my posture, the appearance of my clothing, and my self-esteem.

This “renovation” got me to thinking about a website’s content.  It’s incredible how many websites out there are publishing articles that are full of poor writing mechanics or ill-fitting content.  If they only knew that the impression they are giving does not portray an accurate image of who they are as a business.  If they only had someone to take a look at them and say, “Hey!  I know just your size!”

Wouldn’t you love for your website to have “good posture” and a well-fitting appearance?  If you think your business needs a writing “boob job”, contact me.  I’ll listen to your story, read your content, and get your writing adjusted to transform your articles into something you’d be proud to have represent your business.


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